Frames of Freedom
This artwork is inspired by Alexander Calder’s dynamism and spontaneity. Structurally similar to Mondrian’s squares, this piece uses the traditional frame of art and the modern frame of a TV monitor to contrast the fluidity and randomness of nature.

These frames symbolize social constraints, encompassing institutional, regulatory, legal, and cognitive limitations. These constraints sharply contrast with the natural and free movements captured within the artwork. Flowing lines and liberated forms transcending these fixed boundaries visually depict a narrative of freedom surpassing limitations.

In this series, natural and spontaneous movements ignore and transcend these imposed frames. This subtly suggests to the audience to reflect on and challenge all forms of limitations, including institutional, regulatory, and cognitive constraints.

By integrating spontaneity and randomness into the artwork, it seeks the true beauty of the unplanned and uncontrolled, sparking a conversation about the necessity of embracing flexibility and unpredictability within the structured domains of our existence.

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